JADAYA Interiors

... A story about love, dedicated to my parents

It all started on a cold winter in 1975 during a party in a trendy nightclub in Manhattan, New York City.
That night, under the twinkling lights of the club and the pulsating beat of the music, the paths of a charming 20-something man and a beautiful 20-something woman crossed.
Him : Mingling with a group of friends and sporting the renowned Beatles "Mop-Top". He is Swiss-German and an expatriate from a large Swiss bank.
Her : Slender, wearing bel bottom jeans, and chatting with her sisters and friends. She is Dominican and enrolled in university.
Her beauty was captivating and he notices her right away. He also couldn't help but notice her t-shirt, which adorned a rather risqué message. The contrast between the outspoken clothing and her shy demeanor intrigued him even more. He walks over to her and asks her "Excuse me, but do you have any idea of what your t-shirt says?"
She gives a faint smile and blushes,"No, but I love the song!"
The message on the t-shirt read: Voulez-vous coucher avec moi ce soir?
... And thus, I was born in the spring of 1977. My parents recently celebrated 44 years of marriage and are looking forward to celebrating many more.

JADAYA Interiors
... A story about luck, dedicated to my husband and my children

Prior to coming to Switzerland, I lived in New York, California and Arizona. I have wonderful memories of all those locations and feel privileged that i got to experience their culture.

I'm 43 this year, married with children and fulfilled. I met my husband while at school in Switzerland.

He was 13 and I, 14. It was not until 17 years later, during and the engagement dinner of my little sister and his good friend from college, that we had a serendipitous encounter.

Not long after that we married and eventually welcomed our little boy, Edgar ( now 10 years old) and his little sister Georgia ( 8 years old) into our hearts.

JADAYA Interiors
... A story that speaks of audacity

I did an apprenticeship in a large Swiss bank. Every 4 months, for 3 years, I changed departments to explore the different services that the bank offered. My Internship was spent in the Credit department, Wealth management, Payment traffic and others.

After 17 years of banking career, I decided that, although I wanted to hold on to my financial independence, I also wanted to spend more time with my children to watch them grow, learn, and explore the world. I applied for a part-time job as an Office Manager for a start-up doing cancer research. I worked there for a year - a year during which I learned a lot. By working directly with the CEO, lawyers and investors, I was able to get experience the exhilaration of creating something from nothing. I got a taste for entrepreneurship.

Soon after I was ready to embark on something more challenging: my own project.

JADAYA Interiors
... A story of things falling into place effortlessly

When my husband and I first traveled to Morocco together, we fell in love with Marrakech and the craftsmanship there. The idea of a project centered around decoration took shape and, during a second trip, all of our expectations were met and a business was born. Many other trips to Marrakech followed, as well as voyages to other African countries.

JADAYA Interiors
...An exciting story that I would like to share

My son recently asked me what kind of job I wanted him to have later in life. I found it touching that my opinion was so important to him and also adorable that he did not know, like me at his age, what career path he wanted to take. It was wonderful, however, that he was already questioning this subject and curious about the future. I certainly don't remember asking my parents this question when I was his age, but I do remember wishing to choose a job that would impress them and make them happy.

I let him know that it is important for him to choose something that he is genuinely interested in, as that passion will shine through. Since this conversation, I am the proud mother of a future video game creator!

JADAYA Interiors, a project that was born before the name, signifies a philosophy that works for many things in life and that I often apply. First, be happy/fulfilled and then the rest will eventually follow.

JADAYA Interiors is an online interior design store that tells a story of love, luck/opportunity and audacity. The interior decoration and casual wear items are mainly handmade in Africa and evoke warmth, softness, passion and sharing. It is above all, something that will emit positive vibes in your home and feel good on your body.

The name JADAYA evokes what i feel when I invest in this new stage of my life : a desire to create and share. JADAYA meant nothing or reminded me of no one in particular before the idea of the project. I had given myself a couple of hours to choose a name with a nice resonance and convinced myself that it was not the name that would make my project a success but the opposite.

All the furniture in our home and most of the decorations are custom-made and designed from scratch. From these items, the LOVE wall lamp is what inspired me to embark on this adventure.

The Juju hat was love at first sight. I first brought one back in my suitcase while I was returning from a trip from Douala in Cameroon. It was in Douala that I met this fascinating craftsman, who has now become a close friend. These sublime handmade wall decorations are so successful today that I bring them in whole pallets by plane. I am looking forward to introducing you to the artisan via my upcoming blogs, show you how jujus are made and the maintenance techniques to keep them beautiful.

Currently available in the casual wear department are pajamas, tunics and nightshirts. Extra-soft, 100% coton and hand embroidered in Morocco for young and elder, unisex. I search diligently for the perfect fabrics and materials - even the leather slippers are made with unique embroidery.

JADAYA Interiors will continue to grow and offer new and carefully select items as I travel in search of inspiration. Trips with a backpack, a measuring tape and a notepad and pen. Trips in search of new artisans with whom to collaborate.

I invite you to look at the different sections of my online store and follow me through social networks Instagram, Facebook or my blog where I will share videos, photos and adventures in the field.

If you have any questions, please contact me anytime by email at info@jadayainteriors.com. I would love to hear from you and typically answer emails in less than 24 hours.

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Much Love and see you soon!

Suzy Kiou